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Be the Hero!

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Joined: 11/09/2013

Hello all!

I have been developing a board game on and off throughout the past half year or so.

The game is inspired by Munchkin and Desperate Gods and I am developing it to be played both physically and virtually (And even a hybrid of the two).

I haven't finished writing the official rules up yet, though I have play tested a great number of times to refine them.

Here are some photos!

A Bit About the Game

It is a fantasy RPG themed game. The current play mode is Last Man Standing, where you essentially try to kill all the other players until only you remain.

There are four classes:

Clock Workers Shadow Striders Blood Lusters Arcanists

Each have their own play style.

There are a few different types of cards.


These are monsters you encounter and battle!

B - Before battle do this L - If you lose battle do this W - If you win battle do this


Items are obtained as rewards for defeating monsters

Equipment cards are cards that add to your overall strength


Abilites are cards that allow you to take an action you generally wouldn't be able to do! They are used once before discarding.

I have made a 3D board additionally.

And programmed some basic functionality:

There is still some of the card artwork I need to finish doing as well as texturing the 3D board to look like the 2D board.

You can follow my progress on Facebook or follow me on Twitter if you are interested!

Also if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Joined: 11/06/2013
Hi Alismuffin! The artwork

Hi Alismuffin! The artwork looks great. Now let's hope the gameplay will be just as terrific. Did all the playtests give you the rules so you can get to writing them down soon?

Joined: 11/09/2013
Yes the gameplay rules have

Yes the gameplay rules have basically been made and improved, it is now just a matter of writing them down neatly :)

Joined: 11/14/2013
Big fan of those player

Big fan of those player pieces in the 3D version - if you could recreate those in a suitable scale to make it easy to change stats when needed, I think this could be very playable!

From a theme perspective, I'm hoping there's a bit more context for why the characters all want each other gone (or why Clock Workers are fighting monsters instead of just making watches :p).

Joined: 10/09/2013
Clock Workers Make Clocks Not Watches Silly

That's because Clock Makers Make Clocks Not Watches. They are fighting the monsters because they're tired of their fancy artistic clock towers being destroyed so they've risen up in the name of all Clock Tower makers around the world to help fight those dasterdly clock tower destroying monsters.

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