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A Behind The Curtain Indie Game Development Series

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Zodiak Team
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Last year I posted my first ever Kickstarter and had to cancel it due to multiple complications. My price was too low, I didn't do enough research, my goals were all over the place, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to make good on my time frame because I hadn't secured the proper assets.

During my last Kickstarter it wasn't until about a week in did I begin to think about doing a video series or vlog about what I was doing to get my kickstarter properly funded. I thought that not only would the series draw more attention to my kickstarter but maybe help give insight to others looking to start their own kickstarters in the future.

I've been sitting on this idea for awhile and as I get closer to my re-launch I think I might actually go through with it but not only record my kickstarter but maybe the whole process. I have another game still in early development that I'm working called "Henchmen!" that I could begin the video with and show the steps to go through with prototyping, playtesting, researching the right conventions, designing and redesigning. I could even bring the light how going through China is more cost effective then using American made facilities.

This is still just an idea but I'd love to hear all of your thoughts about the subject and if you have any ideas about how I should proceed.

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Look at what's out there

Hey Zodiak Team,

It's great for you to want to spread the love with your Kickstarter learnings! Before proceeding you should check out the video series that are in the same vein as the one you propose. Each one is a case study in its own right, and a few generalize the knowledge and bring in interviews.

Here's a few to get you started:

I'm sure the BGDF community would love a ground-level interaction with the developer of a series like yours!

Zodiak Team
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haha I'm actually very

haha I'm actually very familiar with all of those. It was because of these sources that I was inspired to even start my first kickstater. I've actually spoken with the Game Whisperer and the Building the game guys over email a few times. They've mentioned some of my messages on their shows before and have agreed to test play my games for me, as well as the Game Night Guys (but that's a little different type of podcast).

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I would be very interested in seeing this :)

That's a really nice idea. I'm not familiar with the other documentaries, but I'll surely be checking them out.

Being an amateur who would like to someday publish a game, I think crowdfunding is the obvious way to go about getting funds and starting to spread the word about a new project. I would love to learn from others' experiences to avoid common mistakes and have a better understanding of the whole process of making a game, since all I've done so far is come up with ideas and write rulebooks. I have no idea on how to even start contacting a producer or a manufacturer to actually make the game and sell it, so I'd be really interested in watching as much of the whole process as possible, ideally from a vague concept at the very beginning to a commercial success :)
I think I'm not alone in this, and a documentary covering the whole process would be very valuable to all of us amateur folks, and even professionals always have something to learn, so yeah, bring it on!

And I hope your campaign is successful this time around ;)


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