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Bog Buffet: Feast of the Blood Moon - a new twist on worker placement

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Hi all,

Well I finally have a prototype of my game and am tinkering around with the idea and the rules still (not ready for prime time just yet). My dilemma is that I'm not sure the niche for this game: it's a little longer and more brain burning than most filler, but it's a card game so it will likely earn the disdain of a large swath of eurogame purists. On the plus side, it's not another deck builder.

I'll post the complete rules once I've done a little more internal playtesting and syntax crunching (they're currently 10 pages without the visual aids), so this is more just me asking, "Is this a game that you would get interested in?"

Here's the short version:

Bog Buffet: Feast of the Blood Moon is a competitive card game for 2 to 6 players that plays in about 60-90 minutes. The players are Bog Chefs competing for the best buffet table at the Feast of the Blood Moon. Each Bog Chef has asymmetric starting abilities which combined with your band of Toady recruits and hand of Bog cards add up to a fusion of eurogaming strategy, thematic medieval fantasy conflict and simultaneous actions to limit downtime.

12 tarot sized Bog Chef cards
32 tarot sized Meat cards
24 tarot sized Hunting Party/Plating cards
72 Bog cards
48 Toady cards (including 8 Swag cards)
40 Recipe cards
8 Shadows & Crows cards
6 Bog Water cards
50 red Beef Tokens
50 pink Pork Tokens
50 white Poultry Tokens


Toady Draft
• 6 Toady cards, take 2 and simultaneously pass to the left, discard the last card (end with 5 in hand).

The Great Hunt
• Divided up into 3 Nights each with 4 Meat Cards to hunt.
• Play Hunting Parties face down assigned to the Meat Cards.
• Reveal Hunting Parties at each Hunt one at a time resolving Hunts in order from 1 to 4.
• Each Hunt:
o Bog Card Action: each player with a Hunting Party assigned to the Meat Card gets to play 1 Bog Card simultaneously.
o Determine Lead Tracker and player order for the Hunt.
o Lead Tracker’s Track vs. Meat Card’s Evade to find the Meat Card.
o Total Overwhelm vs. Trouble. On a loss choose one Toady to be discarded.
o Flip the Meat card and harvest Meat or discard it to draw Bog Cards.
o Subsequent Hunting Parties encounter either the live or corpse Meat card once the first party is done.

• Once all Hunting Parties have finished a Hunt, then move on to the next numbered Meat card and repeat until all 4 Hunts have been resolved.
• Predawn: Foraging (draw Bog Cards), discard Meat Cards and pay Upkeep for Toadies.
• Repeat for all 3 Nights.

• Organize your Meat tokens, Garnish and Recipes on the 4 courses of your Platter and/or Recipe cards.

• Highest Taste score wins the game.

So far my biggest challenges are balancing the Bog Chefs and trying to make it less fiddly with all the face down cards you have to keep track of. Also the theme of hunting down anthropomorphic animals, killing them and butchering them for recipes may be construed as a bit too gruesome and macabre. That said they do have names like Princess Tenderloin and Sir Hamalot, so they're almost asking for it.

The original idea was a spin on the classic fantasy "adventurers wander into the bog to kill things" trope which meant the Meat cards were people (and dwarves and elves), but my wife convinced me that it was a little too disturbed for more than a tiny audience of deviants who are probably waiting for the release of The Donner Party: the Board Game. Ironically I really like that idea and am working on that game too now (but don't tell my wife that).

Anyway, any and all comments/criticism are welcome-- I'd rather iron out things as much as possible before the real playtesting begins!

Joined: 10/13/2011
go with it!

Hi kaziam,

Given the status of your game, I would go with what you have for playtesting; it looks like you have put a fair bit of thought into it and I would say "let the playtesters decide!" Have you posted the full rules?

With regard to niche and theme, I think it is probably best to get the play and mechanics worked out first and then find a theme that will draw in the crowds.

I can see where the "hunting" thing may turn some people off; maybe a Hillbilly road kill hunt would work?

Honestly, my first reaction was "This sounds like something that would happen in Wyrd Miniatures world of Malifaux"

Cool idea - good luck with the design!

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Thanks Orangebeard!

I appreciate the support. I think you're right that as long as the mechanics are solid and playtested the theme can be tweaked or even reskinned entirely if needed.

I haven't posted the full rules yet because they aren't "lean enough" for me yet. The whole section on the Hunts and the order of the Hunts is a stretch of paragraphs that need some visual aids and formatting.

I'm also playing around with the idea of having a board with spaces for the cards as it would add to the visual appeal as well as make the card play more intuitive (your Hunting Party 1 is going after Meat card 1, and these meat tokens are in your kitchen while these are attached to a recipe). I'm just noticing that there are a lot of cards on the table when I have the rough prototype out and it looks somewhat messy.

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Personally, I find the playmats helpful; especially in the early stages; it will also give the cards something to "grip" so they are less likely to be moved; maybe a simple bog like pattern on one of those dry erase play mats?

Don't be afraid to post rules that aren't "lean" - most of the people here that are willing to help edit rules will come back with comments that will cause you to add or remove text from the final version anyway.

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