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Car Surfing Race?

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Joined: 06/05/2009

I had this idea for a board/card game the other day, and I was wondering what you guys/gals thought of it.

Each player is a car, each of which is racing against the other player(s) down a board. But as it says in the title up above, it's a car-surfing game. So each turn the faster you go, the more of a chance you have of falling off and... having bad stuff happen (that part's still a little fuzzy).

So each turn you could pick a number from 1 to X (whatever the maximum would be), and then pick a certain number of cards from a "balance deck", which would be left arrows and right arrows. If your speed for the turn is more than the difference between the number of left and right arrows, then the player falls.

One problem I'm foreseeing already is a lack of player interaction, a common problem with racing games. Maybe there could be special abilities of some kind like in Mario Kart.

Anyways, that's my idea. Any suggestions?

Joined: 06/16/2009

You might get some nice ideas there.


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