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DnD stlye Combat idea

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Welcome to my new blog post, this post will be covering my latest combat system for a DnD style game I am creating.

After playing a few games of DnD I realized that the combat system was far too slow especially in a group of more than 3 players. So I decided to create my own combat system that was simpler and with less stats to remember and keep track of.

So in order to keep the stats of a player simple I created a 3 stat system, Offensive skill, Defensive skill, and Magic. Then from these values Mana and stamina are calculated.

For example I will show you 2 different characters I have created and the relative stats
Mana = 2(magic)
Stamina = (Offensive + Defensive)
Hp = 30+defensive

Human: David Pathfinder, a swordsman blood mage

Offensive 4 (10)
Defensive 2 (4)
Magic 2
HP 32
Mana 4
Stamina 6

Orc: Gorbik Doomhammer, a tribal warrior

Offensive 3 (9)
Defensive 4 (6)
Magic 1
HP 34
Mana 2
Stamina 7

for the sake of the example both characters will be using an iron sword (5 damage) and will be wearing leather Armour (2 Armour)

1 handed weapons roll 2 dice when fighting
2 handed weapons roll 1 die when fighting

Basic Combat:
the way basic combat works is when its my turn I attack, we both roll 2 dice, and the higher single number wins, if its a tie then the character with the higher offensive skill wins.
Example: human rolls a 1 and a 5 the Orc rolls a 4 and a 3 because the human has a 5, the highest number, he wins. If the attacker wins then the strike is blocked and no damage is dealt, if the attacker win then he gets to roll for damage.

the total damage dealt = (Offensive + weapon damage + D6) – (enemy defensive + Armour value)
1 handed sword roll 1 D6, 2 handed swords roll 2D6

Now as the combat stands its relatively straight forward and very simple, thus it is quite boring...

And now that you understand the basics.. I hope. I can move on to my Idea for making the combat system more engaging and tactical.
Each player has a Stamina and mana value, this is the player resource pool with which the turn “plays” are made. The values remain the same at the start of each player turn. Allowing the player to make different combination of “plays” using basic abilities

A basic attack costs 2 stamina
Power attack ( 2 times damage) costs 4 stamina
A sweeping slash (damage to 2 enemies) costs 3 stamina
Repose ( gives the player 1 extra stamina next turn) costs 2 stamina
Focus (increases focus by 1for the rest of the fight) costs 3 stamina

(each focus points adds 20% damage calculated from the base damage)

Distract (decrease enemy focus 1) costs 3 stamina

ext.. ext.. I haven’t balanced the ideas completely, these ideas also can be used with magic abilities such as heals buffs, rebuffs shields, ext...

Just wanted to let you guys see my idea and tell me what you think

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