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ESCALATION - a tabletop miniatures wargame

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Howdy folks!

Heres my premise. I want to create a tabletop miniatures wargame (28mm sized), but with a different mechanic of introducing troops to the playing field. As well, bring out miniatures from any of your favorite games, because I want to open this up to everyone.

Theme: Steampunk-ish, World War 1 & 2-ish, but with fantasy races and magic tossed in as well. Why you ask? So a player can have gun-toting Dwarves laying down suppressive fire on some Elven archers, just before a line of lance-wielding Centaurs slam into them. Meanwhile the Russian-like giant tank blasts into a horde of zombies that are feasting on a goblin mortar team. You get the idea.

Now here is my hare-brained scheme that I have in mind, and I call it ESCALATION!

Escalation basically means: each Round of play determines how many points of units are made available for deployment. For example: Round 1 of the game, Player A and Player B each get 5 points to spend on deploying troops. Player A sends out a 5-man squad of conscripts worth 2 points, and a recon truck worth 3 points. Player B sends out a team of Elven scouts worth 3 points and a Dryad worth 2 points.

Each Round consists of players performing actions with their units; moving, shooting, charging, magic, special attacks, etc. But there are objective-based goals for players as well. Capturing and holding objectives for one Round gives more Escalation points to players as well as for victory conditions.

Round 2 escalates up to 10 points, while Round 3 jumps to 15 points, and etc. in multiples of 5. However, there is another limiting factor to unit placement. Each Round also determines the type of units that come available. Round 1 will be light infantry, small vehicles, calvary. Round 2 would be elite troops, special units, medium vehicles. Round 3 would be heavy support and giant monsters.

As far as gameplay mechanics, currently I'm looking at a combination of WH40K, Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity, Bolt Action, and Dust Warfare.

Please pass along any feedback, thanks!

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