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Excellent resource...

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...once more people vote.

Check out this thread on BGG:

Answer the questions, and see the results. The top answers will be a good guide to what BGG wants in a Civ-themed game.

Joined: 08/03/2008

That's an interesting thread. A couple of the questions don't seem terribly useful, (eg game mechanics, game categories), but maybe they're just proceeding very slowly and methodically and leaving no stone unturned. I was very surprised by the response to the game length question. The highest vote-getting response was "60-90 minutes". I don't think it's terribly likely that the "ultimate" Civ lite game will be playable in 90 minutes with a full complement of players. Accommodating such a length will require heavy abstraction, which will keep the game from being the ultimate Civ game in the first place -- people already have excellent abstracted games like Vinci or Tigris and Euphrates, but they are looking for something with more theming, and that inevitably adds some length.


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