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Game based on money and percentages?

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Joined: 04/28/2009

i was thinking on a board game, which goal was to succesfully own all "4 Companies" in the game

each player would start with a "X" amount of money, and could obtain more with good gambling, investment, and bank borrowing. each company would cost 10,000 gold

in the bank first you must land on it, or draw the "bank card" you could borrow as much money as you own(100%) but you cannot win the game until you pay them back, the money could be use to invest, or gamble, which could obtain you more money

each turn you would receive an extra amount of money to help you around, their would also be card selling.

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I think you need to flesh out

I think you need to flesh out what the gameplay is like a little more, at least if you are soliciting feedback on it. The theme sounds fine, but where are the player decisions? For example, gambling or investing: what advantages does one offer over the other (decision)? If you invest, what is the game system so you can try to optimize that investment (decision)? What makes some cards worth more than others when selling them (decision)?

The theme is fine, but you have no real mechanics yet.

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