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last night as i lay awake i thought of this game wiche i like to call globle
it is based on the Iland of tankurlita and the small ilands arond it you own a a small empire your job is to take all the citys of the iland you can biuld citys on some spots on the bord marked by smibls such as fish and wheat for food stone and wood to biuld citys villages and walls gold tobyarmy and other things each army needs 1 food a turn each city on a food spot makes 2 food a turn a you dont need any food for a city (it makes blenty of food to feed the pop)
a village makes 1 food a turn and may be biult any were also you can biuld walls wiche your enamy must break down

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It sounds good :) Let us here

It sounds good :) Let us hear some more if you go on with the idea.


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