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Idea for a card/board game, Jason+Argonauts/Clash of The titans theme

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The one part of those old Greek mythos epics I enjoyed the most was the gods sitting on mount Olympus basically playing a game with the hero's lives. To that end I wanted to create a game where the players don't play the hero, but rather gods trying to guide the hero and help him, or obstruct the hero and hinder his progress.

I figure the hero would be represented by a figure who moves along a path that is created by location cards laid down by the players. If you want to help the hero, you would lay down little side quests that would help the hero gain favors or bonuses that would help him later down the road.

Another player might want to hinder the player by throwing obstacles in his path such as monsters or impossible tasks. each player would play their cards and then the hero would move further down the road. Players would get victory points for every challenge the hero overcomes or fails depending on how your playing. There could also be secret mission cards, since the good gods want to see the hero succeed to the end of the quest, the villain could have a secret, inscrutable plan that succeeds anyway. This could mean that the hero ultimately wins his quest, but the villain wins the game by completing their secret plan.. or something.

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I really love the concept.

I really love the concept. Perhaps there would be actual paths on the game board, with different events on spaces and such, and you would use cards to move the hero on the path and direction you wish to the spaces to wished him to land on, plus side quest cards and blatant divine intervention cards? There could be various endings to his journey, and you would win by either getting him to your ending, or getting more points of his loyalty to you (through getting him to land on certain spaces and completing side-quests for you) if he ended up at a neutral ending. Each god could also have his own deck of cards, suited to his persona.

I think it's a great idea, and you should pursue it in any form, but i like the idea of more board to your game.

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Illium / Troy

I recently read Illium by Dan Simmons and this reminds me of one of the storylines in there. The storyline is set in the future and there is a battle going on over (an alternative version of) Troy with heroes and gods everywhere.

The different gods in the storyline favor different outcomes of the Trojan war: either the Achaeans win, or the Trojans win.

Not only do they favor a certain outcome of the war, they also seem to favor certain heroes of the story (Hector, Achilles, Ajax). Using 'divine intervention' to aid their heroes, they indirectly try to change the way the war ends. This 'divine intervention' is basically actively manipulating mortals and other gods and playing with them in order to reach that god's goals.

Thus concludes my brainwave and 50 cents for a possible goal (and subgoals) and conflict :)

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