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Idea for Galatic Republic -- Republic of Rome in Space

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I have not explored too much the 4x genre but I have been thinking of at least attempting to create a board game around the notion of a Sci-Fiction universe where there is a Senate which hosts various races.

I have played the Republic of Rome solo and quite enjoyed it. I have also read a lot of history on the Roman republic and the empire, so have some background or source of ideas how a republic would work.

Interestingly enough, Star Wars itself has the notion of the Galactic Republic or Old Republic which changed to the Empire.

For me, I would want to avoid something like Twilight Imperium which seems very complicated and takes a long time to play. Also I would want to avoid complicated combat where you roll dice and so on.

It would be more of a cooperative type board game with individual competition in a similar vein to the Republic of Rome board game.

From a design stand point, I think the challenge would be to really try to simplify it and keep the playing length down.

Have any of you tried to design a board game like this? Any sources of inspiration or board games you suggest I look at?

What would be your ideal sci-fi board game that would be cooperative and involve a lot of player interaction against a game that is trying to destroy you?


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