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Idea using Trivia Pursuit question cards

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Short version...

I went away on the weekend with some friends. We were looking for a game to play on Saturday night, but couldn't decide what to do. We had Trivia Pursuit but no one felt like playing that. I came up with an idea for a game that used the questions from TP (nothing else). We played the game, making a few changes on the way. In the end it was quite an enjoyable game, that I have since been brain-storming to make it better.

So now, what do I do?

The game greatly utilises the questions from TP, so is Hasbro the place to start? Do I need to use one of their specifed agents?
The game would also benefit from a electronic "buzzer" device with some similarities to others already out there, but with enough differences to make it pretty distinct. I have no electronics expertise, so making a working prototype of that device is out of the question.
Patents etc etc?


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From what I read a while back

From what I read a while back on the Wiki, (
one cannot copyright trivia/facts. Read under "Controversies" on the above link. So what's good for the goose...

If you are looking for a custom buzzer, I'm sure you could get an electrical engineering student at any college to design a buzzer for you. For small projects like this, I really think it is a good idea to try and find clever, eager university students: You get a good design for a good price, and the student gets real world project experience, a bit of CV padding, and pizza and beer money!

(Insert obligatory I am not a lawyer statement.)

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