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kard racer

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this is by no means fleshed out or thought through but it seems like a good idea. it also seems very simple so it may have either been done before or is not fun.

1-4,players. 4 current position cards, 4 lap position cards, 3 draw piles.
each player is given a lap position card (and matching current position) and a card from the appropriate draw pile.

the draw piles are: (11) first place pile= do nothing/ move a player behind you back a place/ etc drawn by the player in 1st
(22)midgield pile = over take/ move another player back etc drawn by the players in 2nd and 3rd
(11) last place pile= gain 2 spaces/ move a player in front back 2spaces etc drawn by the player in last.

play. each "lap" starting with 1st (continue in lap position order) draw a card and play a card. as players gain and lose positions they swap cards (ie to move up others must move down. at the end of each lap redistribute lap position cards to match current position
after 8? lap will have run out of cards to draw (if my maths is correct). this means it is the final lap, each player gets to lay 2 cards (not sure if at the same time or in 2,halfs) and turn order is reversed(to give an incentive to try and be first) whoever is in the lead at the end wins.

the idea of having 3 piles is stolen from mario kart, the higher your position the worse items you pick up.
i am hoping players will annoy each other (again like mario kart) enough that the final lap will come down to how much the others dont want a specific player to win and how good your final weapons are ie stay in first have rubbish final weapons, hang back for better weapons but have less chance of winning.

my main problem is making sure it isnt all about the final lap/card. but at the same time making the final lap the finale. maybe give points after each lap and big points final position?

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