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Looking for a board game consultant

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Hi I hope I am posting this in the right place.
My name is Theresa and I am assiting My
associate Mark in figuring out how to get
a board game made and published.

This is brand new to me, so I am hoping
someone can guide me where to go.

Mark is a very successful network marketer
who is currently writing a book, and would
like to make a board game to go along with
the book.

We are looking for someone who is
experienced and has designed board
games before.

Mark has a pretty solid idea for this game
but it is in it's infantry and needs complete
organization of the game strategy and layout.

He has a 4 minute video of his very raw idea
to anyone who would be interested in partnering.

If you have any information on how to
pursue this venture from this point, I would
really appreciated your help.

Thanks Very Much

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'Infancy . . . '


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Yes, Infancy

Slip of the finger

Willi B
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If you are looking for a co-designer, then you may be in the right place. If you are looking for a publisher, then perhaps not so much. There are a few publishers that spend time here now and again - Blue Panther, Nestor, Z-man that may be willing to look at a finished prototype or rules set. There are also Print On Demand publishers here - Board Games Now and The Game Crafter.

If you are looking to publish the game - playtest it many times with people you don't know (preferable with them not thinking anyone with a connection to the game is at the table) - that's the best indicator of it's value. Research the companies that produce similar games and pursue them as your ideal publishers... just like you wouldn't try to place a romance novel with a book publisher that just sells textbooks.

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Hi Theresa ... I sent you a

Hi Theresa ...

I sent you a message with some questions about your project. You can find your private messages by clicking on "Messages" in the left column under "Content ... Personal".


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