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MagiFlux - a card game with elements of MtG and Fluxx

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MagiFlux is a card game for 2-4 players. The inspiration for this game came from Fluxx and Magic:The Gathering.

Objective of the game is to be the first to have cards in play that have a total of 10 Victory Points.

At the beginning of each turn, a player takes the top card from his own library, and untaps all resources. During each turn, a player may play 1 card face down as a resource. Resources and cards played remain in play.To play a card, pay by tapping the number of resources equal to its cost. Each card's cost is also worth the same amount of Victory Points.

Player may activate the abilities on his cards in play. Ability costs must be paid or triggered before the ability is resolved. Costs are usually related to player's own cards. A player is out of the game if he has no cards in his library.

The rules and graphics can be obtained here..

Hope to get any suggestions or comments here!

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