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Naughty Virus - a DIY board-less strategy game

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Naughty Virus Explanation

Hi, I do not design board games nor really play board games. But here is a setup that is simple to make and play. Please let me know if you have questions or want a play test.

- Thanks

Naughty Virus

Happy Birthday! Let's take over the world! <3

The players take turn to eliminate the the virus of the other players by making network connections.

The Players
First player plays the virus. Second player plays the anti-virus. Additional players can play additional virus and anti-virus. Playing alone is also fun!

Material: Virus Tokens
You need tokens to represent the virus. Each player should have at least one, although it is possible to play the game with none. You may use your favorite breakfast cereal to present the virus.

Material: Connection Tiles
Prepare about 20 hex tiles (or tiles of your favorite shape). You could make them out of paper, or stuff like plastic caps. Select two of them to be Terminal Tiles:

For each Terminal Tile, draw your favorite thing in the center and then draw a circle around it. After that, draw a line from the circle to one edge of the card.

The rest of the tiles are Connection Tiles. For each connection tile, draw lines that connects one edge to another. These lines are the possible connections. Segments on the same tile could be disjoint. Let each tile have a unique pattern! You can always make more tiles if you need more.

1) Place the two terminal tiles back to back, but with the edge with an opening facing the opposite direction.
2) Place your virus on your terminal, and the opponent's virus on theirs.
3) Shuffle or mix the tiles.
4) Setup is complete!

Playing the game
In each turn, a player can do one of three actions: [ spawn | rotate | place ], followed by one movement to move one virus to any location in the connected network.

[ spawn ] The player can spawn a new virus at a terminal if one of their virus is connected to a terminal.
[ rotate ] The player can rotate a connection tile that has a segment that is connected to one of their virus.
[ place ] The player can draw a tile at random and connect it to an existing segment.

Once the player has done one of these three, actions, the player can remove any enemy virus that are on the same network as the player. After removing them, the player can move one virus. Then the turn ends.

The player that eliminates the other virus wins!

Illustrated Examples (See Attachment)
On the left shows the initial setup. The two terminals are back-to-back, facing away. Each terminal has a virus. The objective is to eat the other virus.

In the middle are some example tiles.

On the right shows a situation when one of the virus can eat the other virus. If it is Bunny's turn, Bunny could rotate tile 'a' and make a connection to eat Star. On the other hand, if it is Star's turn, Star could also rotate tile 'a' and eat Bunny!

Additional Ideas
Container: Since there is no game board, you could use a small box or party peanut jar to store the game pieces. The game is always good to go and you can always add more terminal or connection tiles when you have ideas!

Board: The board is optional, but having it allows you to setup the initial configuration differently, or with more terminals to be conquered. Will your virus take over the bank, the train station, or the space center? Or all of the above?

Email/Forum Play: Play it over email or in your favorite forum using digitial tiles. Have a community game where any member could join in and make a move and have fun narrate the events as the virus take over the world!

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