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New BBC1 show seeks toy and game designers

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I'm working on a new series for BBC1 that aims to help small businesses and individuals develop their products and brands with the eventual goal of seeing their designs in the shops. At the moment I'm trying to find people who have come up with a great idea for, or are already manufacturing (themselves or on a very small scale), a new toy, game or other children's product and hoped that I might find some interested designers on here.

In this inspirational new series, Jo Malone - one of Britain's most successful female entrepreneurs sets out to find small, table-top businesses and help them to become successful British brands. By the end of the programme the ambition is to launch viable businesses, capable of supporting the families behind them and creating jobs and economic opportunities for all those involved. We are looking for a really broad range of businesses from a new toy or game, something exciting in food or drink, a design sensation or something special for the home and garden, essentially we are looking for exciting, quality products that just need that extra push in the right direction and who could benefit from showcasing it on BBC1. We are looking to include products that cover the following categories - Home and Garden, Food and Drink, Accessories and Toys and Children.

If anyone would be interested in this opportunity to develop their business please do get in touch with me. I can send you more information and an application form for the series and we would love to hear from you. You don't have to be at all established, you just need a good idea and the drive to make it work.

We are starting to organise auditions this week so it would be great to hear from you as soon as possible and start the ball rolling!

Best wishes,

Ellie Hayward
Twofour Broadcast Ltd
Tel: 0207 438 1840

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UK residents only, I assume...

I assume that this is for U.K. residents only, not people in the U.S.A.?

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UK residents only

I'm afraid this opportunity is only for UK residents, sorry to those of you who are unable to apply but good luck with your endevors!

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BBC1 show

sorry to hear it is for uk residents only, however, please check out our game and perhaps down the road who knows

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