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Play By E-Mail Empire builder (Looking for examples)

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Hey there,
So, I've been working on a game for several years now based on an exprience I had years ago. An old gamer in my hometown invented a play-by-email empire builder. Essentiall,y you control everything (control what every single member of your population is doing, and had everything worked to an exact science (Your miners brought in X pounds of silver, or X tons of rocks). Well, I'm designing a marketable, and simplified play-by-email, but besides the bigger boardgamers (Like Runewars, or which, with Coery Koniezca I designed the expansion, Banners of War, while working at FFG last year) I am blank on similar games that are well known, so I'm calling out to those with even larger game selections than I to suggest board games, or even old Play-by-email games that I could glean for design ideas. Thoughts?
-Monday's Hero (Andrew Meredith)

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