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Political CG idea

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Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I wanted to share my idea of dark political card game that I was thinking about for few days.
The general idea of the game is that players take a role of political superpower that wants to control the city. Player can win the game by bringing his/her reputation up to 100 or assassinating all the other players.
As a political masterminds, players have control over henchmen, who will do all the dirty works for them. The henchmen, while initially neutral, will develop into different characters based on what kinds of tasks they perform. These characters are largely divided into two factions: The Convicts and the Bureaucrats.
As their name suggests, the Convicts are experts at criminal activities. These activities range from simple vandalizing to bombing a building, but even more importantly, Convicts are known for their expertise in assassination.
On the other hands, the Bureaucrats are political figures, and they work diligently to enforce their opinions and rights for all citizens. They are excellent advocators of propaganda, and as such generally work toward raising your reputation. With their crafty writing skills, they may even influence the reputation of the opposite politicians.
Although both groups will and must obey your commands, because of the difference in their idles and nature, they can never get along with each other. For example, they may not even stand sharing a same room in their hideout, and so when one group is in the hideout, the other will stay out.

This is my basic idea so far. I might add few more elements, and of course, I have to think about how I will develop these ideas into game mechanics. But if you have any suggestions or ideas, please post them! Thank you.

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Light side and a dark side

Just a thought,
I think both sides should have positive aspects and negative. Perhaps the convicts take care of the lower income peoples at the expense of the rich, and the bureaucrats cater to the rich at the harm of the poor. Maybe the income level changes as the game goes on... Just thoughts, let me know if you'd like more input.

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Although I like that idea, I

Although I like that idea, I don't want to add an economy system into the game, or the game will get too complicated. Since this is my first game, I just want to take easy the first time.
Oh, and I'm gradually designing the board. You can see my recent work here.

I also want to say few more ideas about the Henchmen...
Henchmen- Development
-When you start the game with 3 henchmen, they are all same as to each other. But depending on what kind of tasks that your Henchmen do, they can develop into even stronger minions.
-There will be three types of tasks: Crime, Political, or Misc. Whenever a minion successfully accomplishes a task, a token that corresponds to the different task types will be placed on that minion.
Ex. When your minion successfully accomplish a Crime-type task, put a black counter. If it accomplishes a Political-type task, put a white counter.
-There will be Job cards that let players develop their minion by placing that card onto the Henchmen card(much like how Pokemon evolve in the TCG), but these Job cards always have a requirement of tokens on the Henchmen.
Ex. You want to use a Job card, but it requires one black counter on your Henchman. So that Henchmen would have to accomplish a Crime-type tasks before it can be promoted into a higher job.

New Type of Henchmen- Vigilante
-A unique class in its own way, a Henchman can become a Vigilante by doing both Crime and Political tasks.
-As an agent who went through a special training, Vigilante have certain characteristics uncommon in other two factions:
Vigilante can perform any kinds of tasks.
Vigilante never gets tired, and thus there is no need for him/her to rest at the Hideout.
Vigilante cannot get arrested, even after doing a criminal activites.
There can be only one Vigilante per player.
Vigilante will never cooperate with, or be cooperated by, the other two factions.

That's my ideas so far. If you got any questions or suggestion, feel free to post them.
Thank you.

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I agree economy is a daunting task, I have a game which is in dry dock for the want of an economic system that works. However, to explain my thought more clearly... the city begins as neutral (similar to area control games) in this case with three equal groups, upper, middle and lower class. Each side would do various jobs to make their class more dominant, i.e. hacking into "wall street" and crashing the local financial system would cause rich people and middle class to lose money, making the crime group have a greater populace to draw support from. Crime wants the majority of the city to be lower class, vigilante wants to eliminate both upper and and lower class, and bureaucrats want a select % of upper class, and the rest lower class. Not trying to sell you on the idea, just explain in a lucid way.

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Have a look :)

I made something along similar ideas. Feel free to steal whatever

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