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Railroad game: With Dominoes?

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Hello. I'm new here so I apologize if i post this in the wrong forum.

I have an idea for a domino game. Corny but curious.
Originaly inspired by an attempt by 'Railroad Tycoon' ie 'age of steam variant'. Then later it was inspired by 'trans america'.

2 player game
Poker Chips
Double 15 Domino set
Paper & pen for scoring.

A Standard Block domino game using a double15 domino set with all doubles as spinners. No less than 3 dominoes can be between doubles and the game is over when the last double is played. Scoring and special elements set it apart from standard domino games.

During each turn a player can do one of the following
Play 2 regular dominoes
Play 1 double
Pull 2 dominoes
There are no discards

When it comes to scoring Im a little in the clouds about it.
I thought of scoring acording to completed links between the 4 chosen doubles. Possibly length of links as well. When considering this I realize building off (starting from) one central domino will guarantee those links. Whereas building off (starting from) of seperated dominoes does not.

Special elements: 4 doubles are selected before gameplay by each player and are designated as their own. When they connect them during a game they get more points during scoring. 4 additional doubles are considered generic and do not add to each players score. The last 4 doubles act as negatives. They end up stuck in the players hand thereby reducing how many dominoes a player has in their hand and also act as a negative at the end of the game. A players hand has a limit of 5 dominoes.

Any idea tossing is greatly welcomed.

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