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repost: game idea i would like feedback on; WW2

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hello i'm very new to the whol game design proccess, as in this is my first, but i have been working on it for almost 6 months. The game is WW2 based, it startes in june 1940 after the fall of france. the map is a square that consist from the norther tip of GB to the mouth of the Gironde river in France. the western coast of ireland in the west to berlin in the east. the players are GB, germany, and america (to a lesser extent) the plot of the game is of economic destruction of your enemy throu the use of military might, ships and planes. the map is to include types of factories and different types of resorces. i was planning on using punch outs for units and it was to be a territory map kninda like A&A. so here is my question(s)

i think i was a little vague with my discription of the game so i will go into more detail.
the game plot revolves around the battle of Britain and the Air war in Europe and the battle of the Atlantic (time period).
the game will have the ability for the players to not only decide battles but also how they are conducted. example missions at night or day, high or low level bombing , carpet bombing or fire bombing. the players can also choose between diff targets military(warships, Grouunded fighters and bombers, navals and air bases) strategic targets(rail lines, convoy rousts, radar stations) industrial(factories, resource and mining locations)or civilain ( large cities EI. dresden). i was thinking of using many different resources to represent the complexity of war for example steal, oil, gas, coal, magnesium, so-on.... i was planing on using a chart of some sort to determin the amount of recources left in an empire to determin how much planes and warships that country can produce that turn. there will also be different types of planes with different plusses and minuses( hurricane, me109 ect..) currently there are over 60 indentivied cities on the map i think in the end it will be about 200 or so i was planining on putting the types of factories and recorces on the map to reduce set up time. i think that covers it let me know if this is enogh info for you guys thanks in advance for the reviews. same questions still aply.
1. is this a subject that has been over done?
2. do you think that using punch out counters is a good option AKA still in favour by the industry?
3. what do you think of the overall game? does it sound to hard? is it intresting? any other thoughts?

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My answer to #1 is "Yes ...

My answer to #1 is "Yes ... but that's okay" ... WW2 is a very rich source for gaming -- especially wargaming.

For the other 2 questions, it depends a lot on your target audience ... if you are after a hardcore wargaming or econ simulation type player, then counters and complexity would be fine.

If you're after more a general strategy gamer, then you problem need to abstract things up a bit. Punched counters may or may not work, depending on what they are supposed to represent.

The questions that pop out of my head right away are ... How are you measuring "economic destruction"? In other words: how does a player know if he/she is winning or losing? How do all of the target types play into this economic destruction measurement? If I bomb a population center, do it impact my resources?

You'll want your resource system to only be just complex enough to make the rest of your simulation work ... just enough for players to have to make the right decisions without belaboring the point.

I hope these comments are helpful,

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go for it

From your description, this is a wargame - definitely not a Euro.

yubyellow wrote:
1. is this a subject that has been over done?
Not the way you are describing it. It's a bit abstract for a wargame, because you are focusing on the abstracts of economics rather than on the specifics of individual units, but there have been other games done like this. Look up SPIES and BODYGUARD OVERLORD over on BGG.
yubyellow wrote:

2. do you think that using punch out counters is a good option AKA still in favour by the industry?
Since your audience is going to be wargamers, you will be right at home. No worries. Pushing cardboard is what we do. ;-)
yubyellow wrote:
3. what do you think of the overall game? does it sound to hard? is it intresting? any other thoughts?
There is a subset of enthusiasts within the wargaming community that will rise up and call you blessed if this gets published. Sounds like you are on the right track for what you want to do.

The key to your success is going to be PLAYTESTING. Finding good playtesters will be difficult, but I think you're on to something. Once you get hooked up to the community, they will keep you on track and I have no doubt you will be able to produce a marketable game.

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