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Sheep Sheep!

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So I was eating lunch the other day when I had an idea for a game pop into my head. Hopefully a pretty simple game.

The board would be a sheep-pen, and there would be different pieces for sheep. One player would be the sheep-dog and would be trying to herd the sheep through the gate at one end of the board, whereas the other player would be the wolf trying to drag the sheep through the hole in the fence in the other end. You know, so that he could eat 'em.

The only thing I'm not sure how to do is to move the sheep. Obviously it wouldn't be plausible to have direct movement of the sheep, but there has to be some way to control where they move.

I'm thinking that maybe the sheepdog could push (for herding them different directions) and maybe the wolf would be able to pull (for, like, dragging them off).

Like I said, it just popped into my head so it's pretty sketchy. Any input?

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sounds like...

This sounds like you could use a mechanic something like those pc games where the little man has to move boxes, but can only push them, so he has to make sure he doesn't get trapped or push a box into a corner (sokoban: )

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Put magnets in the sheep and the dog, put metal in the wolf.

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I'm interested by your reply. What would the magnets and metal do? And would that means that the wolf wouldn't be a player character anymore?

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Hello, this is my first post!

I had the exact same pop into my head a few years ago. I created a playable 'prototype' of just that game. I haven't done anymore with it. I am happy to show, and would be interested in your thoughts. My problem was that it tends to be a piece moving fest, moving the dogs, sheep and wolf every turn.


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This concept reminds me of

This concept reminds me of the cartoon named 'Sheep In The Big City'. Ur idea is good though and quite unique, sounds like it would be an addictive game when done :)

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Just a thought

Sheep come in the types
Ewe (skittish females)-never share a space with dog or wolf ignores move or moves directly away if it would result
Rams (aggressive males) - Ignore dog or wolf moves into space with them
Lambs(nimble youngsters) - moves twice when told to move by a card
This is marked by a colored border say red yellow and green.

Sheep come in 3 colors
Piebald(mix of both or brown if it suits you)

Use black and white(maybe a third color) arrows between spaces. Now move your sheep like monsters in Arkham horror with cards.

The Dog - may change the direction of sheep moving in 1 adjacent space 90 degree's players choice once a turn. Must stay 2 spaces from the wolf at all times.

The Wolf - may double the movement of any sheep moving in 1 adjacent space once per turn. Must stay 2 spaces from the dog at all times.

Dog and wolf can exit the field and restart by moving off the edge of the board. (keeps anyone form getting trapped)

Each player has a 7 card hand of sheep cards they play 1 then draw a fresh one from the sheep moving deck. As well as moving their pawn, how far would depend on your board size.

My 20 minutes of thought on it.

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