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Is there room for another vehicular combat game?

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Joined: 01/29/2009

I've played alot of them

dark future, battlecars, thunder road, car wars (and the card game)

I'm not really sure which ones are currently in print (car wars and wreckage?)

anyways, I have some ideas brewing for a possible vehicular comnat game and I wanted to get an initial response to see if anyone is actually intersted

the idea I have could be compared to wings of war, although thats a loose comparison. I've just been trying to find something that strikes a good balance between speed and detail and havent found a game that 'feels' right to me.

Joined: 11/29/2008
I'm just here for the gasoline.

Yes, there's always room for more good games. Fortunately for you, the games you mentioned are pretty bad. Look up their ratings on BGG and you'll see what I mean: Battlecars (6.28), Car Wars (6.22), Thunder Road (6.18), RoadKill (5.89), Wreckage (5.72), Dark Future (5.85), and Car Wars: The Card Game (5.15). Most of the games I play are rated 7.00 or higher. The fact is that this really cool theme just can't make up for poor game play.

I think one of the keys would be to make a quick-to-play game with no plotted movement and very few variables. I think that the mechanism at the core of Cthulhu 500 (6.06) is a good one, but the game was ruined with an outlandish theme. Personally, I'm not a fan of Wings of War because of its imprecision (I've always preferred hex games to miniatures), but I'd be happy to entertain some ideas.

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Ratings and good games

Poor BGG ratings do not mean poor games, at least in many peoples minds. For all the games above you'll find devoted fans, and several of them have been commercially very successful for their manufacturers often over an extended number of years. Personally I love Battlecars, and know several Car Wars fanatics (even if the game doesn't appeal to me). Playing games purely on the BGG ratings will mean you miss out on a lot of games you'd probably enjoy.

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A 6+ is not a bad rating.

A 6+ is not a bad rating. Event the top game only gets an 8.33 out of 10. I would rather play Car Wars then Agricola on an average day.

If you think you can make something better of unique go for it.

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This is a theme without a

This is a theme without a true leader, right now. I'd say go for it. Most of the games you mention are very, very old, with very dated gameplay.

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I think there is plenty of

I think there is plenty of room in this genre. So go for it.

Car wars strikes me as too much, It gets some love for being from a different era of games.

I think that thunder road is the best choice of those games.

The first choice you should make would be do you want free form movement like in wreckage or car wars. or track single direction movement, like formula de or thunder road.

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to me,

a race fits the theme of cars better than an open 'arena' setup.

Also (inspired by a variant on boargamegeek), why don't you add zombies? A zombie outbreak could be the reason that society's collapsed.

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Random Input

Not for nothing, but personally I'd love to see a Vehicular combat game in an urban enviroment that has goals and quite possilby a team. Personally the most fun I've had with Vehicular combat has been in an RPG like shadowrun where I need to get my dude somewhere while being chased and trying not to crash. I'd love to see that translated to a quick and easy board game.

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Boulevard of the Damned?

apeloverage wrote:
a race fits the theme of cars better than an open 'arena' setup.

Also (inspired by a variant on boargamegeek), why don't you add zombies? A zombie outbreak could be the reason that society's collapsed.

Zombie Road! Highway to Hell!


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