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Turning a 2-4 player game into a party game

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(I think this is the right place for this. I'm not sure if this can be considered a new game or merely a variation.)

Our "board game" group is made up of 2 parts. First there's the "big kids", a group of teenagers ranging from junior high to senior in high school. Then there's the "little kids", basically the big kids sisters and brothers. There are about 7 big kids and countless little kids. There is also a infant kid who hasn't learned that he isn't invincible (he cries after every lost battle in risk).

A few days ago, I found the game "Daytona 500" at a thrift store. We had a "big kids only" night to try it out, and it was a blast. We only had 5 people though. The game was for 2-4, and there were some outstanding issues with playing beyond those limits.

The Challenge: To bring this game, in some form, to the group as a whole. It would have to take approx 12-15 people at a time, and there must be a role that the little infant can play if he asks ( and telling him to be the banker is not a option). It must also be engaging enough so that the kids don't leave 10 min into the game.

Here's my idea as of right now. I am able and willing to rip this idea into shreads, if I'm going on the wrong path.

(idea starts in next post)

Joined: 06/10/2009
1st draft

BTW - if you don't know daytona 500 then look it up on bgg
I assume you do. I also assume you know the rules to "ave caesar", which are similar to daytona 500. It's also nice to look up "top race", it is my inspiration for betting.

Daytona 500 cards and $$$
Modified Board from Ave Caesar (reason to be apparant later on)
There should be a dark line drawn (or otherwise marked) on the board after spaces # 2,13, 15
A deck of mille bournes cards
playing cards (a deck per 4 people in the game, all decks with different backs)
dice (18)
set of poker chips (4 colors, red, green. white, blue)
pen and paper
Tipp sheets from "Top Caesar", which can be found in the files section of Ave Caesar on bgg

Take 75% of the money and give everyone a equal share of it. the 25% left goes back in the box (for loans). Sort the playing cards into suit sets, don't give any to the players. Give the players a tipp sheet and 3 red chips. On the paper, write down each color, with the number 50,000 under it (as if you were keeping score for the cars)

STEP 0- ANTE - Each player pays $50,000 into a race pot (area of the table, like a pot in poker)
STEP 1- determining roles.
Take the MB deck and shuffle. Deal cards in the following manner.
A. deal a card to everyone face up.
B. Players can spend a red token to recieve 2 cards face down (can only be done now)
C. deal another card face up
D. Players can spend money to get a face down card. price = 10,000*(n+1)
Where n is the current amount of cards bought with $$$
E. repeat steps C+D till the deck runs out. Then flip over all face down cards.

There are 10 specific cards which the players are looking for. They are
6 gas cards= gives them a seat at the table, they get to play the game.
4 safety cards (right of way, extra tank, ace driver, inpenetrable tires) =
Gives them a lesser role.
Anyone with out any of these cards get 2 red chips. A player with only 1 safety card gets 1 red chip.

Put ANY money the "bank" recieves in the race pot

STEP 2- Preparing the broker
The player with the inpenetrable tires is the stock broker for this round. He gets a suit of cards from one deck. They stand for stock in each of the cars. The ace is kept by the player as a ID. The other cards are divided as followed.
2-3 red
4-5 yellow
6-7 green
8-9 blue
10-J orange
Q-K black
The broker can sell these at any price he wants at any time he wants, as long as another person accepts.
Stocks are long term investments, you want the car to do well in multiple races, not just the next one.
If and when the broker becomes the broker again, all the shares he must re buy the stock he sold at their current market value. Once he has all of his cards back, he can re sell them.

STEP 3- setting up the race

Give each of the players that got a gas card a seat. They each get 3 dice. Take the daytona deck, take out the 9 cards (they are governed by the same rules as daytona 500), and deal 5 cards to each player. The 6 remaining cards go to the person with the extra tank (the "pit crew"). He can't play any cards, but may sell the cards he has to help others. If he also has a gas card, remember to keep the hands seperate. Same goes if 1 player got 2 gas cards.

STEP 4- auction = as in daytona 500

STEP 5- race = Card play is governed as in daytona 500, movement as in ave caesar (if you know both games, you should know what I mean), except as followed

A. No 6 rule (see ave caesar rules)
B. at the dark lines:
1st (time a dark line is passed)- nothing
2nd- Tipp #1
This is the first appearance for the player with the driving ace (the bookie). All other players make a guess as to who they think will win the race, and mark it on their chart. The bookie must make a payout structure for each position, from first to sixth. The numbers can either be positive or negative, they must go in order (so the highest is first, lowest last), and the total (combined) must be positive.
3rd- nothing
4th - Tipp #2
Same as above, except mark in tipp #2 and the pay out chart must equal 0 (exactly)
5th- Tipp #3
Same as above, but the payout chart must total to a negative. The negative must equal the positive amount in tipp#1
EX: in tipp 1 the bookie payout chart was favorable to the players, with a total of 50,000. That means in tipp 3, he gets to hit them hard with a more difficult chart with a total of -50,000
6th-9th- nothing
C. Pitstop - After a player has played a card, any other player may call "pitstop!" and take the card. He puts it under one of his dice. On his next turn, instead of playing a card, he takes the card into his hand, and returns the dice to the supply. Thus, only 3 pitstops can be used.
D. Emperor's alley
The person with the right of way is "caesar". When a person passes through emperor's alley, they must choose one of two penalties.
A. The emperor makes a "forefit" (think "party")
B. if the racer wishes to "chicken out", he must pay a fine between 20,000- 100,000, depening on the forefit (the crazier the action, the less the fine).

STEP 6- End of race
Pay out is determined by the race pool. The race pool consistes of antes, payments made in step 1, and auction prices. First place gets half, second place gets half of what's left, and so on. The second half of the last players piece goes to the bookie (because he probably lost money).
The stock for each car (remember the pen and paper during setup?) Is adjusted as followed.
1st - +30000
2nd - +20000
3rd - +10000
4th - 0
5th - -10000
6th - -20000

Step 7- lather, rinse, and repeat the steps till people get tired of this (if they haven't already)

Most $$$ wins

95% of this is probably bad. The 64,000 dollar question, what is the 5%?

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