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Card game - Wizards and Warlords

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Joined: 07/14/2017
An example of some of our cards

Hello, i am new to this forum so please excuse any mistakes i make. And if this topic is in the wrong forum it would be great if a moderator would move it!

I have designed a card game Wizards and Warlords and want to share it so i have the opportunity to develop it further. It is currently in the stable and fun to play stage, but a friend suggested that i post it on this forum in order to get really good advice.

Here is a link to a page that summarizes the rules and has downloads for all the cards.

I would suggest downloading the rules.

And the base and advanced cards.

(Those are the main features that are used and the other links are just add-ons to the game, i would like to discuss balancing and development of the base and advanced cards first)

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Joined: 12/29/2016

Thank you for joining! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have! I'll download today and take a look early this week!

Again, welcome!


Joined: 07/14/2017
Thank you

Great! I look forward to hearing your feedback, feel free to offer any ideas, criticism or suggest changes.

Joined: 07/14/2017
Forum question?

As i said before i am new to this forum so i was wondering something:

This forum is for "playtesting", this game is not fully developed yet though and i along with play testing it would be great to discuss gameplay mechanics and new ideas to increase the strategy of this game. In the BGDF is it alright to create another forum under "Mechanics" for my game, or is that a bad idea?

Thank you to any more experience people who have suggestions!

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