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Drunken Wizards (Playtest & Kickstarter)

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Regis Frey
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Drunken Wizards is a storytelling card game where everyone plays inebriated spellcasters and describes the ensuing chaos and hilarity. Its main mechanic is a "reveal and response" mechanic similar to Apples to Apples where a wizard plays a spell card and the other wizards respond in a bid to tell a story. It's not by nature a drinking game since there cards that represent drinks but it's also not difficult to make it one.

The game's rules are available for review and joining the playtest on Kickstarter gets you access to a full set of PDF cards. The Kickstarter also features a video that explains the game and gives some flavor text.

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This looks like it could be

This looks like it could be really fun...Love the theme!

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