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Fight or Fleece: a family-friendly microgame

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Joined: 03/25/2014

This game was born in one of the contests on this forum a long tie. Now, I kindly ask for your help in playtesting it.


As the afternoon approaches, the young shepherd picks up his bag, whistles to the trusty dog and gathers the flock. It is time to lead the sheep home. Without a sound the wolf stalks in the nearby bushes.

  • Age: 5+
  • Players: 2
  • Set-up time: <1 minute
  • Match time: 5-8 minutes

Game components:

  • One 10-card Shepherd deck
  • One 8-card Wolf deck

Full Rules available here: Google Docs

Full PnP of all 18 cards available here: Google Docs

Besides just your candid observations of the game, it would be awesome if you can answer a handful of extra questions:

How many times did you play in a seating? How often did you need to look at the rules? What was your strategy? To what extent could you predict your opponent's moves? To what extent did you react to your opponent's moves? Can you explain why the victorious player won? To what extent did you feel like you were in control of the outcome of the game?

I know this is a bit much to ask, but I would appreciate any feedback. You can write me here, through a message or via e-mai at

Thank you! I hope I will be able to provide a physical copy of the game to the playtesters after a decent amount of development is done.

Again, any feedback or questions are welcome!


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On it

Hi Pavel,

I'll print out and test this in the next few days. nice and quick second-guessing game it seems.

First glance, the rules are written in a neutral tone to make sure there are no loop holes in the wording, but at the same time makes very simple concepts seem more complicated than they are.

For example:

If the Wolf is revealed, the day ends and you move to Scoring. If it wasn’t revealed, the Shepherd player can choose to finish leading the flock for the day, in which case you move to Scoring again. Note that the Shepherd player might end the day during any turn, even if he or she has Sheep cards in the hand, but only after both cards were revealed and the Wolf was not among them.

Could that say:

After cards are revealed, the day ends and scoring begins if either:
- The Wolf is revealed OR
- The Shepherd player chooses to end the day.

I'll let you know how the fun goes!

Joined: 03/25/2014
After some initial feedback

After some initial feedback with playtesting, I made a few changes to the rules of the game:

1. The Shepherd can only end the day if he brought back sheep worth 3 or more symbols.
2. The Wolf must capture sheep worth 2 or more symbols to get any point for captured sheep.

And, thank you Rich, I worked some more on the game rules to improve the wording and make it shorter. This will be an ongoing task. The updated rules are available on the original link.

Thank you! I will appreciate any feedback.

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