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Finding & Preparing for Playtesters

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Hey Folks

Once I've playtested and refined a prototype enough and am ready to open it to public playtesting, what are the best ways to:

-find playtesters?
-prepare the game for playtesters?
-get the game in playtesters' hands?

I have already created a 1-page playtesting spreadsheet for feedback.

To provide a little info on my game, it's a tactical dungeon-crawler, with too many pieces to make a PnP.

Thanks everyone for the input!
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Getting players can be hard. I assume you already tested it solo and within your normal gaming group.

I suggest putting play testers wanted post here and on BGG. Include a description of the game.

People will volunteer, if the game interests them.

For an easier wider audience, the game can be made PNP.
For PnP make sure the game can be printed on standard size papers and avoid use of fancy graphics.

On other strategy is to produce a high quality prototype and ship it to the play testers. This will create a greater expense for you, but it will ensure the players get the full experience.

The final option is to team up with a publisher several publishers will take outside designs. They generally have their own system of getting play testers.

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Finding Playtesters

I just recently posted an answer that asked a similar question in a different thread.

Do you have a Friendly Local Game Store? Do you have local groups of designers? Do you have events at a local library? Do you have a "game night" at a local pub or other venue? Is there a local game design or game-playing Meetup where you are? All these things - and more - are possible venues to bring your game to potential playtesters.

Here's the original thread:

Having a feedback sheet like what you mentioned is a useful tool, for experienced and "newbie" playtesters. It helps them frame their experience with the game, as well as give them ways to focus their feedback to you so that your responses aren't all over the map and/or unhelpful.

Good luck. :)

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