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Funny Guild-building Dungeon Delving Card Game

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Looking for play testers for Ready Check. Ready Check is a 2-4 player card game which simulates the psychological horrors of running a guild. Recruit your players, raid dungeons, & collect loot. (If you grew up playing MMOs, you'll get the jokes. If not, we hope you'll still get most of the jokes! If not, we hope you'll at least enjoy the game and it's colorfully light-hearted sense of humor and art style)

We have play tested the game and do believe it's in a great state but are always looking for new perspectives.

Ready Check Rules:
Ready Check PnP:

The Kickstarter Preview page has more information laid out much more logically:

(The Kickstarter is a preview. It's not live, and I'm not soliciting pledges)

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