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The free, print-n-play miniature wargame sandbox finally has a new update, including a new tile and stats rework for some units! At this point of time, we would love to have some playtesters gather a friend or two over to test our game in the current build. Some things to note about the game:

-It is a 2-player miniature wargame, where both players have to use units to annihilate the other's King, or entirely wipe out his army, while protecting his own. The use of tiles and props give players the freedom to create their own battlefield to play on!

-It is print-n-play, and requires assembly. A form of printing, a cutting tool and tape or glue is required.

-A match could take about 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of the battlefield.

Find out more about FOR THE KING!, download the print sheets and read the rules online over at

Want to share your battles with us? Visit our forum section for Battle Logs at

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