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Kobolds! - There can only be so many traps

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Joined: 02/10/2011

Okay, guys. I need to make a shoutout for ideas here. I've fixed the mechanics of Kobolds! and have made the game much cheaper to produce. All I need to do is finish the last deck of cards and I can release everything for people to try. The last deck is the Trick deck, known to myself as Kobold Tech. We're talking traps, a few crude weapons, one-shot spells, etc. etc.

The issue is after about fifteen spiky flaming pit traps of doom with or without sawblades, the creative juices start running high on the Deja Vu factor and things just go downhill from there. Does anyone have any ideas for a few interesting and somewhat wacky traps that I can utilize in the deck to keep it fresh? I'd appreciate it.

Box of Dire Badgers
Phosphor Shower
Poison Gift Basket, Previously Opened

Joined: 02/22/2010
some suggestions

Cranium Circumcision Axe
Toenail Extraction Kit, slightly dirty
Stone (as in big stone, hanging above)
Capsicum Spray, medium hot
Capsicum Spray, on fiiiirrrreeee
Cozy shower of lye
Do you also smell gas?
Lemons roped together for the ultimate electric shock therapy

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Mouse Trap (trap baited with a mouse) (what do kobolts eat?
Small Print (may cause sudden inexplicable death)
Mother-in-lawed ( Kobolt + in-laws = doom)
Fruit Cake
Surplus Poisoned Apples
Blow darts
Pre-chewed bubble gum (sticky trap)
Kobolt(man) Eating Plant
Dungeon to Dungeon Salesman (talks more than your ear off)

Joined: 04/14/2009
LOL! These are great! I wanna try some!

Fungus Amungus (angry mushrooms...shoot spores?) Meh.
Telemarketer (interrupts whatever you happen to be doing)
Acid in a Thermos (almost full)
Candy Coated Shards of Glass (mostly full)
Spikey Ball of Spare Keys
A Wall Switch that Doesn't Appear to Turn Anything on/off (or DOES it?)
Oil Paintings of Clowns (I don't know what this would do, but it creeps ME out!)
Dreams of Falling (everyone knows that if you die in your dream, you REALLY die!)

I know these are random. Weird mood.


Joined: 02/10/2011
Thanks a lot, guys. I'll be

Thanks a lot, guys. I'll be using several of these and will have an alpha of the game ready to go shortly.

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