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Need playtesters - Age of Legends: Heroes & Monsters fantasy deckbuilder

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Hi all,

I've updated this game to 6.0 with a relatively new core mechanic. The PnP file and updated Rulebook are below. Right now I'm seeking playtesters to print, play and report. If you print the file below you'll have all the cards you need. Print 1 copy each of pages 3-9, 1 copy of page 1 per player (up to 6 players), and 1 copy of page 2 per 3 players (i.e. if you have 4-6 players print 2 copies of page 2).

The previous iteration of this game was fairly well playtested (around 40 hours) but since this is a relatively major overhaul some minor imbalances and snags are to be expected. However, I expect that it should be pretty easy to pick up and play. Even if you can't play, please give the revised rulebook a read through and let me know what you think.

The cards:
The rules:
The board (not required but shows layout of the decks):

The Game

2-6 players
30-60 minute play time

The game is a deck-building fantasy game. It is meant to be a game that you can set up in 5 minutes and teach to a friend very quickly, but with enough variety built in that each game is different and there is no one easy path to victory except good strategy (and maybe some luck).
You act as a Heroic or Monstrous Champion and fight for good or evil against the game and against your opponents. Every player has the same starting deck and builds its power over each turn, while also trying to destroy the cards that their opponents need to win.

The game will also be expandable: each game is played with 3 Hero Factions and 3 Monster Factions. The core game here comes with only 3 of each, but more would be added at a later date (best to work out the major kinks first). Each Faction has a unique playstyle. While the majority of the 6 Factions included in this core play set are fairly straightforward, each added Faction would be set up to twist the rules slightly and create a unique and challenging play style.

Feel free to provide any feedback in the comments below.

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