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Playtesters wanted for Rabbit Match: The Game (available in multiple formats)

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Rabbit Match Playtester Ad

(From our Facebook Page)

Playtesters wanted! We're looking for rabbit people, games people, people people (especially those with kids) to help us try out the latest version. Three options:
1. Personal demonstrations--especially if you're in the Los Angeles Area. (And David brings snacks too...)
2. Print and play. Even if you just want to comment on the documents, we'd love to hear from you.
3. Physical prototypes. The only way it's o.k. to get bunnies in your mailbox.
Interested? Send an email to:

(Follow-up comment)

FYI: Those who've played at Strategicon and elsewhere are more than welcome to sample the changes.

Newcomers? Here is the promotional text for the upcoming Mini San Diego Unpub:

Players in this semi-cooperative game run rabbit rescue facilities bonding rabbit to rabbit, rabbit to adopter. Can they keep pace with the influx of bunnies while dealing with foster homes, celebrity inspired bunny fads, rabbit marital crises and all that comes with Easter?

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