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Playtesters wanted for WWII themed RPG

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Hi there, I have created a RPG type game/system that I think is very unique and revolutionary. I am looking for people to test it out with a couple of their friends. At least 3 people are ideal, with one being the GM. But you can have as many as you want. Its a WWII style RPG type game. Here's the Overview of the Game. I'll post a link to the more detailed (but unfinished) rules at the bottom along with some sample character cards. Please let me know what you guys think about it. Thanks!


We have developed an RPG that we think is revolutionary in its design and mechanics. But first let me tell you about the theme. The game is set in a World War 2 theme and is fairly historically accurate. The Players will play as members of either the Allies or the Axis and will embark on missions assigned to them. The missions could include for Ally groups to infiltrate Nazi prison camps and rescue important POW’s. Or to thwart Axis experiments being done on humans. Examples of missions for Axis groups could be to destroy important resources of the Allies, or to even have undercover missions in America and the UK. The idea of mysterious Nazi experiments and the mysteries behind the Axis powers in general can lead to some Superstitious or even Supernatural things if the GM and players want to take that route. But if not, the game can be played solely historically.

The Mechanics of the game are where it truly shines. When players first create a character it is quick and simple. They have 3 simple Attributes and a few basic skills, and they pick a job in the squad such as Medic, or Scout. When players are on missions they will resolve tests like any other RPG. Such as picking locks, Sneaking by guards, or deciphering coded documents. These test are done by rolling 3d6. The real fun happens when Combat starts. When combat is initiated, instead of everyone rolling for initiative and taking turns performing actions, every player takes their actions simultaneously. This is done by writing down your actions on a piece of paper and handing it to the GM. The GM also writes down the NPC’s actions. They are read out loud and everyone is moved or does whatever they stated. Players only complete their actions if they are unhindered. An example of a player getting hindered: Player A writes “moves to crate and takes cover” NPC 1 writes “Shoots at Player A”. Usually Player A would make it to crate without a problem but since NPC 1 chose to shoot at him, the GM rolls to see if Player A is hit. If not, he moves to the crate as normal. If he is hit, the GM rolls to see where he hit the Player. This takes us to the final unique aspect of this.

The Damage system is very realistic and Players die very easily like in real combat situations. Medical attention is needed for all bullet wounds and it is not uncommon for at least one Player to lose a character on a mission. But it’s all part of the game. You can call in reinforcements and get a new character after yours dies. You might be limited to how many reinforcements you get though, so you’ll have to be wise about it. Making characters is very simple so when one dies, it is a quick process to make a new one and insert him into the game. The ranking system is Mission based so the more missions your character survives, the better he gets and the more upgrades he will receive. It also makes you more attached to a character the more they survive and knowing they could die any second. It makes you think more strategically.
It has a perma-death feel to it like a videogame but still captures all the fun of exploring and getting upgrades and items that you get in a standard RPG. It is easier for new gamers to pick up and is new and exciting for veteran gamers. You can play one-session games with even just 1 player and 1 GM, or string sessions together to make a big campaign with your friends. Or simply see how long you can survive. The game mechanic kills all downtime and forces everyone’s attention on the game itself at all times. The whole thing can be summed up in one word. Cinematic.

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