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Two new abstracts looking for testers

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Joined: 02/16/2011

Obelix and Pixl have been around BGG for a bit, but we've just added Print 'n' Play files to their game pages so people can test them out. While they look quite different, the two games are really part of a conceptual duology - the two games my partner and I simply HAD to design.

Both games are available at (with links on their BGG pages) however we'd love for folks to download the elements over on the 'geek and play them as much as they like. We'd love more feedback as to what we can improve in clarity and quality to make each of these games the best they can be.



In addition, I am seeking a partner for production before heading to kickstarter with both of these titles - I'm brand new to the board game scene after designing video games for years, and the mastery of getting an Abstract published outside of garage distribution has both my team and myself a bit lost. If you've been down that road before - I'd love your advice (and perhaps your play testing notes)!

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