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Virtual Playtesting/Development for Hire!

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Joined: 09/24/2016

Hey friends! Mike Mihealsick here. I'm posting to announce that I've opened up my calendar to the public, and you can book 1, 2, and 3-hour blocks of my time for (paid) development, virtual playtesting, and creative collaboration. I can even walk you through how to build a mod for your game in Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia!

I'm also offering a substantial discount for unpublished designers.

Why would it be valuable for me to play your game? Because I've worked full time in the game industry since 2015, and I've served over 200 clients through Coalition Game Studios (with over 25 different publishers among them). I'm also a published game designer myself.

Check out this calendly link that has some basic info, and feel free to fire off any questions in the comments! Looking forward to playing everyone's games :D

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Joined: 04/16/2011
How come you aren't...

Advertising for Coalition Games???

Are these personal engagements because of the fact that cons are closed because of COVID-19?? I find it strange that you are pitching your services and not those of your Coalition Games team.

Maybe I'm not understanding things properly...?

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Joined: 09/24/2016
@questccg - I'm the Coalition

@questccg - I'm the Coalition guy. Over the last year or so we've shifted mostly to contract development, and I do farm projects out with the team when my docket is full.

For these one-shot engagements, this is just something I'm doing on my own :)

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