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Battlejack Arena Creation

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Ok, so I have a game I have designed called Battlejack. It is an spatially abstract boardgame version of a first person shooter. At the moment, to create the game board, you choose an arena you want to use and place playing cards face down each card representing one zone until the arena map has been created. Nice and simple. Whenever a soldier enters a new zone, you flip the playing card over and based on what the card is, it influences what in the zone and what the soldier may have to deal with. My question is, do you think people playing the game would like plastic tiles that have the card information printed on one side and a blank side on the other so that they don't have to use a deck of playing cards? I am thinking 4" x 4" plastic squares with little tabs for interlocking.

On a side note, if this is not enough information about the game to help me let me know, I can provide more information, but don't want to get in trouble for outright solicitation of the game. To give you an idea, I am hoping to do custom playing cards, poker chips and custom game board tiles and packaging it with the rule book in a boardgame type package. Cost and demand permitting.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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The tiles would look cool,

The tiles would look cool, but...

Interlocking tiles it will be a pain to flip.

Cards are cheaper in most cases too.

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Players will find it very difficult to pick up (or place) any tile or card which is not on the edge of the arena. I would thus suggest that each tile or card is removed from play once it is resolved. There could be an underlying terrain type which influences subsequent play, but the hidden tile/card is a triggered event which does not persist. I cannot imagine an alternative to this dynamic unless you want to get into very exotic (read expensive) assymetrical tile designs.

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So, if perhaps the 4" x 4"

So, if perhaps the 4" x 4" tiles were not interlocking, and had nibbed corners on four sides so that they were easy to pick up and flip over would that be more appealing?

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