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Board Game Candy at Gen Con

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The Game Crafter
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board game candy 25 cents per gram
board game candy 25 cents per gram
Board Game Candy

At Booth 2555 at Gen Con you can find Board Game Candy. Over 300 pieces for you to choose from. Board Game Candy is a product of The Game Crafter.

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Great Idea

That's a great idea!! Looks enticing and inviting.

It would be cool if you had a shelf (similar to the walmart gift card rack) except instead of different restaurants, stores, etc.... you had Gift cards for the top 100 games sold on TGC. Better yet an add news paper, just tear out a coupon, or take the whole paper full of deals, and coupons.

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That's like 10x what it costs

That's like 10x what it costs to buy bulk candy (actual candy) in a mall candy store, but it's a funny idea.

Though I have to say.. you're asking for a liability problem, selling choking hazards with the word "candy" applied to them. Even having a little kid come up and just pop one in his mouth.. that could result in a very pricey lawsuit that you would lose.

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