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Cards program

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Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew any easy way to make cards which can be playtested online. I used to have apprentice, and I know you can make decks for magic cards, but I would like to make my own cards and be able to playtest them at the same time, without having to make hard copies. This would be easier, faster, and cheaper for me.

I'm not sure if I explained that well? Mostly I want a program where I can make my own cards (w/o pictures) that say what it is on them (much like in Apprentice). Then I can set up the table and play one round to see how my mechanics and stuff work. I'm just beginning experimenting with an idea for a game I have, and I'd like to be able to "playtest" it as I go along.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Is that really going to be faster than a sharpie and the back of some basic land (for seeing how the game works yourself)?

Either Apprentice or MWS has some kind of option to use your own files. I am not sure how detailed you can get, so the cards might have to be formatted kinda like magic cards.

nanDECK is a program that lets you totally design cards. Maybe some combination of the two would net you the results you need?


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I'm using nanDeck right now.

I'm using nanDeck right now. I think it is awesome, once you wrap your head around the scripting language. You can use it for more than just playing-size cards, too. I used it to design the boards for the game I'm working on (only 8"x10", didn't need anything bigger). If you're willing to spend a little time with Photoshop/Gimp in order to design images for parts of the cards you can really get an awesome looking finished product with not a lot of effort.

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I use nanDeck, although it

I use nanDeck, although it definitely takes some experimentation to get the desired results. It sounds like you want to look at Vassal. I've not used it, but I know you can simulate card decks and game rules inside of it.

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try this site ... it has had

try this site ... it has had some positive feedback.

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