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City shape to use for blocking ressources in an hex

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Test model of city shape and ressources

probably talked about something simillar before.

I have an hex map where each hex will contains 3 ressources. when a player place a city in the hex, his placement will give him access to a portion of the ressources instead of all ressources.

At the beginning, I wanted the players to acces 2 of the 3 ressources. This was not too hard because I just needed the players to place their city token on one of the ressources.

Now I thought that 2 ressource per hex might be too much. Maybe I should only let players gain acces to 1 ressource. Which means that the city marker must be able to block 2 ressources.

This is much more complicated to do especially if you want a city in a square like shape to make the cutting easier. I have included a picture of the shape I come up with.

Right now, I think "F" would be the best solution. Which means that instead of having 3 ressources per hex, I will have 2 ressources per hex and make the city block a ressource.

Else, model D could be a solution, but it's an odd shape whic is much harder to cut.

What do you think?
Do you have any other shape ideas?

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2 of 3...

I like the idea (if I understand you right) that the player by placing his city have to choose what resources he will produce in the future. It brings in not only the dilemma, where should I build but also how should I build...
Is there any way to manage the production rate or cost to make 2 resources per hex acceptable?

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You could make the citys a normal square and in the center make a hole. That way you can place the city on top of the recors you want and still se the recors in the city.

This way you do not need to make the city in anny strange shape. Unless a square donut shape is strange ^^ The hole in the center just have to be a normal round hole or a smaler squared one. Just remember to make it a litle bigger that the resors symbol on the map.

Atleast that is my ide on how to sold the problem.

You can even make it so that you can upgrade youre city so it will include 2 resorces. But then i think the best shape would be a romb, the tilted normal scuare. A hexagon can be made up by 3 rombs. So it would be easy to place them next to eatchother. They still should have the hole in them.

The last idea is a version of both. Make the citys a seperat hex tile placed ontop of teh game board covering the whole hex. with a whole in it leting the player se what resors his city can use. And having a upgraded city just means you replace the city hex with another with 2 holes in it.

Hope it is to some help, and atleast somwhat what you where looking fore.

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I really like the idea of a multiple resource hex, it adds another layer of strategy. i think "E" is slightly better than "D" because its only 4 cuts instead of 5. Another idea is to use a ring to surround the resource or you could put the city token in the center with an arrow pointing to the resource. Visually this is less desirable (i think) but easier to make. Hope this may help.

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drktron wrote:Another idea is

drktron wrote:
Another idea is to use a ring to surround the resource or you could put the city token in the center with an arrow pointing to the resource. Visually this is less desirable (i think) but easier to make.

*caufs and points to my previous post*

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Well the reason why I want to

Well the reason why I want to do this is that there is not a large amount of hex on the map (average of 8-10 hex per player). So I cannot let players chose their best spot to place their city since they are going to use all of them. So my solution was that players should select a spot within the hex.

The reason why I was thinking of dropping it to 1 ressource is first for the clarity of the board and second, to reduce the number of resource to check to speed up the process.

I like the idea of having an arrow that points at a ressource located on the side. The only problem I see is that tokens could easily rotate during game play and I might flip the city tokens during the game. So I am not sure if it is really a good solution.

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I like H. Are rectangles that much more difficult to produce?

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In fact rectangles are good,

In fact rectangles are good, because they are easy to cut. The only drawback I can see is that since the token is smaller it could move more easily.

I could bring the resource circle near the middle so that the rectangles could be larger and fit better.

Do you have a preference between G and H?

G seems better because the side of the rectangle arrives sharp with the side of the hex.

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I would go with either

I would go with either placing the city on the resource that you want, or perhaps make the city as two parts (for ease of cutting) 1/3 of a hex each.

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