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Custom Printed Dice now Available

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The Game Crafter
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Indented Blank Dice

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce fully custom printed dice via the availability of Indented Blank Dice and Dice Stickers

The indented blank dice are concave on each side to protect the sticker from damage or slippage during rolling. They measure 0.75 inches cubed and are available in all eight of our standard colors in the parts shop for $0.40 each.

The dice stickers are sized at 0.5 inches to fit neatly inside the indented blank dice concave sides. They are printed 221 to a sheet for $1.30. The fact that we print so many to a sheet means that you can create many dice with a single sheet, and also provide spare stickers in case one or more get damaged during application. We've also made the dice stickers compatible with our medium game box.

Our custom printed dice should open up a whole range of new game designs.

We hope you like our custom printed dice. Enjoy!

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