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Game Box Insert Manufacturers

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Can anyone identify some insert manufacturers in the US? I've looked at quite a few and they only produce foam inserts or plastic trays. I designed my insert and its exactly what I want. However, I'm having the most difficult time trying to find anyone that will make "custom" inserts.

I don't even know if it should even be called an insert. It shelves the game board, positions the three sets of cards, trays the dice and timer and hides the scorecard underneath the game board.

Everything I've seen are trays or compartment makers (foam walls). Does anyone know the who, what and where the big guys go? I'm looking to get it done in strong cardboard but it's damn near impossible to find someone to do it.

Thanks for your help!!

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TBH I'm not really sure what you are asking for...?

Most designers want VacTrays for their boxes. And those cost like $400 USD and are all custom made inserts. You pay for the mold and the tray costs nothing extra. But it's probably factored into the pricing already.

Not sure what you are trying to achieve. Maybe something made of chipboard? Like a cardboard insert?! With grooves that interconnect... Most manufacturers will do a cardboard insert and in most cases the price is less expensive than the plastic VacTray. It depends on the complexity of the insert.

However I don't see where the issue is... Because ALL manufacturers US or Chinese will make it. You just need a quote for the insert, I guess?!

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2 that come to mind..

The two that come to mind that are not vacuum formed plastic trays would be Folded Space and The Broken Token.

They both make aftermarket inserts for games, but it will be pricey if you're just doing a small quantity.

Otherwise, yes, you're looking at plastic inserts (vacuum formed). Any game manufacturer can do them (or have them done) for you, or you can contact someone like GameTrayz who will design them as well (they do amazing stuff with plastic inserts for games).

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A quick comment...

When I say ALL, what I meant is all custom game manufacturers. And specifically, I want to exclude POD manufacturers (Print-On-Demand)... Like The Game Crafter, Print and Play, Print Ninja, Superior POD, DriveThru RPG, etc. Those services don't offer inserts because of the "on-demand" nature of their businesses.

So when I said ALL, I was incorrect. Best of luck with your project. Cheers!

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