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A huge doubt on graphic design

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cool emboss-beveled

Hello friends

I have a big question here, Does anyone knows how to do this kind of bevel - emboss look?

Photoshop, AI, Corel or any other software?

i'm looking for tutorials :) thanks in advance.

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In that case it seems that it

In that case it seems that it was drawn. There's no effect. The person who drew the card clearly knows about light and shadow.
Photoshop emboss effect is easy to use(right click on a layer and select blending options) but it usually looks cheap without a lot of post work.

What's your experience level with graphic design tools?

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While there are ways to get

While there are ways to get some nice blending options from Photoshop and other programs, there is no way to have a program do this sort of look for you... if there was everyone would do it.

The good news is the basics are not too hard for the artistically inclined type person.

This look is more like a painting because... it is digitally painted and dynamic or automatic filters are not used.

Try this tutorial for the hand painted look of lighting

For a tiny bit more about how to use bevel and emboss layer styles check out this one, I did many years ago...


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