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Improved Medium Size Game Boxes

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Improved Medium Size Game Boxes at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter has improved the Medium Game Boxes to eliminate two weaknesses in the design.

First we’ve eliminated the tab lock at the top of the box. If you weren’t careful with it, the tab lock could be torn easily. Now that we have shrink wrapping, the tab lock is no longer necessary to keep the game closed when it’s new and during shipping.
Second, we’ve changed the bottom of the box to an interlocking friction fold, similar to what you would find on the bottom of a tea box. This fold is held in place by interlocking tabs rather than glue, which makes it much stronger. However, this also disrupts the design of the bottom of the box, which means you may want to redesign the bottom of the box if you had a design that printed something important across the middle of the bottom.

New templates have been uploaded, and you can test out your existing design in our proofing system to see if you want to make an update to the box. All games that have medium game boxes starting with order #25820 will get this new box design. Enjoy!

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