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To Miniature or Not

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Hello all, first post for me. I am in the early stages of developing my game. We have solid mechanics and are rigorously play testing, adjusting, designing graphics and art, etc. etc. etc. My question is a bit involve, but basically it comes down to what is the relative importance of miniatures? The game is an arena combat fighter where players fight against one another. I really like the idea of miniatures, but don't know if the investment would be worth for the overall experience. I am considering using cardboard players with stands like a lot of old school (and now newer games) use. Another thought would be to find a manufacturer who has pre-made generic miniatures that are simply color coded for each character. What are your thoughts, suggestion, etc? Thanks everyone for your help!

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For your first game, I would

For your first game, I would advise against using miniatures, unless you have considerable disposable income.

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Miniatures are cool, but expensive

In the "I know a guy who did this" category, due to the custom miniatures in the pre-production review game, each game cost $700. This is due to artist costs, mold making costs, shipping extras, etc. And this isn't a "big" miniatures game!

So, I say no, it's not worth it. Personally, I use the cardboard standees as you describe, or meeples. I like the idea of the color coded "army men"! (are there army men any more?)


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