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Need a Plastic Part Prototype for My Game

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Who does a good job.?

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Prototypes- Shapeways

Hey mbflee, I have been playing around over at because they do 3d printing of fairly high quality (0.2mm) detail for very cheap. All you have to do is submit a 3d file and they will tell you how much it costs to have printed. If you don't have any 3d modeling skills there is a forum where modelers are happy to make what you need for a small price ($25) or so for small, fairly simple items. I have a 3d model there right now that I'm going to print. It will cost me $4.25 to have it printed (though minimum order is $25, so i'll get a few of them) The model dimensions are 3cm x 2.5 cm x 1.4 cm. If you're looking for a very short run production I'd check them out.

If you're looking to get hundreds or thousands of prototypes, I'd look at they do injected plastic molding for very cheap, as far as that technology goes. (starting at $1500). Hope this helps you!

Cheers, -Sasachaz

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If you want to go the Shapeways route and need something modeled, I'd love to help out. I mess around with 3D modeling and I've got some stuff up on Shapeways for others to check out and order if they would like ( If it's not too complex and doesn't take a whole lot of time I'd be up for not charging anything.
Let me know

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The vitamin pill style prototype.,

I use vitamin pills in preconstruction workings of game design before the market but if your ready for market then go with models of things.,

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