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Prototyping Mini Cards

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Hi everyone! Long time no visit, but used to be active on here about 5 years ago or so. Since then I've played a lot more games and have become much more proficient in game design... and am happy to share designs and insight with everyone here!

I had a question today. I'm playtesting a game that requires 15 or so cards to be laid out on the table along with a few other game elements, and am finding regular playing card sizes to be too large for my needs. As these cards have very limited information on them and not much text, I'd like to use mini cards (Euro or U.S. sized) to display them in the finished product. Right now I'm using halved index cards but it's not pretty and doesn't look great, especially because these cards are often face down.

I'm hoping to move onto a nicer looking prototype for playtesting with others, hopefully with printed paper in front of a card in a sleeve. I know I can purchase the sleeves I need online, but does anyone have any idea where or how I can buy some mini cards to use as card backs to fit in sleeves for cheap? I'd rather not purchase a big game just for the cards (i.e. I know the card sizes I want exist in Battlestar Galactica, Gloomhaven, Rising Sun, just to name a few comically large examples)... but would purchase something smaller that's just cards if it's easiest. I'm not looking to print yet as there will still be some small changes to be made I'm sure. Let me know what you do when prototyping smaller cards!

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Something like this:

Just $0.09 each and are BLANK.

And you can also buy 100 sleeves for those mini cards:

About $2.50 for 100 mini sleeves...

That's all that I know that might accommodate what it is you are trying to achieve with smaller card sizes.


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Print Play Games also sells blank cards.

52 mini size cards for $1.70

As with TGC, add shipping on to that.

HOWEVER, for prototyping and playtesting, I would personally just use any standard deck of cards I have laying around and sleeve those with a printed sheet in front. Cheaper, easier to get ahold of (as you already have it) and since it's really not finished product the size is not a factor.

When you're ready to print a prototype you're ready to show the more 'finished' product and sizes.

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Thanks both of you! I think I'll look into Quest's suggestion as it seems right for the stage I'm at, but it's true that full size cards may be the best solution. Just seems too clunky and to take up too much room for this design. But I'll see. Thanks! I'll post prototype pictures of the game in action when complete.

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