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a question of currency

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hi all,

I have been asked to consider using "real money" designs in a game prototype I have sent to a number of teachers for evalutaion. This would mean having a variety of money sets for the same game.

I have no idea where to start for this and my preference is to keep the game currency design specific to game theme. It would be so easy to hide behind breach of copy write as an excuse not to make changes.

The argument for the change, is that the game would have greater educational value if the currency was unique to country of sale.

Has anyone used designs from an existing currency for their games? I would appreciate learning how it was acheived and whether permission had to be obtained first.

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Just be careful, and don't

Just be careful, and don't accidentally engage in counterfeiting.

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print small and just one face

In most countries, to avoid trouble when printing fake money, you should do that: print your bills at a clearly reduced size (I guess enlarged would do too, but won't be practical), and printed on just the front of the paper.

You might be able to get specific information on each country treasury office. Here are the rules for USA:

On their website you can also ask for educational print kits that might include printable versions of the bills, most likely with "SPECIMEN" all over.

Bear in mind that including paper money for different countries would mean higher production and distribution costs for the game. Maybe a good alternative is to change the currency for each shipment, depending on the country of destination. Printing costs will still be a bit higher than using just one type of bills, but not nearly as high as including all versions in every copy.

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Grimfinger and Seo thank you.

Grimfinger and Seo thank you.

When I first came up with the board I thought that it was more important to keep the face value of the money in units consistant with the identification of coins to $5.00 and notes to $25.00.

I though I was nearing the end of phase two and the request to change the money came out of the blue, a bit disappointing at the time because I have had positive feed back on all other aspects of the board and it is very close to publication. At the moment the board is being trialled as a teaching tool with some children who have special learning needs.

I now have two good reasons to stick with obvious play money and can refer people to the websites in support of my decision.

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