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Synthetic paper board - cool or dumb?

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Greetings BGDF community!

TLDR: Synthetic paper board - cool or dumb?

I'm working on a prototype and considering many different types of board materials from several manufacturers. One material that may be a good pick is synthetic paper, specifically, polyester paper. It can be printed on using many different methods and holds ink very well. It's very difficult to tear and waterproof. At 4.7 mils thick it has the feel of copy paper while being quite opaque. Cost is around 65 cents/sheet for 11x17.

In your opinion, would having a synthetic paper board discourage you from purchasing or backing a game?

Thank you!

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I attempted to use the first link you provided and it returned a 404 error. Not sure what that's about. But the YouTube video works fine.

I think it has some excellent qualities - durable, water-repellent, etc. - and in regards to a prototype it would be worthwhile. Even a "lite" version of a tabletop game printed on these materials would be reasonably acceptable. But the final product? Nope.

Generally speaking, I'd think "low budget" when I received something like this out of the box. Unless it has something to do with the theme of your game (recycling? renewable energy? sci-fi sailing?), it will likely be received negatively.

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It sounds great for a

It sounds great for a prototype to playtest with but I don't think it'd be good for reviewers or the final product. Typically thickness is associated with quality and something like this will come across as a cheap product which can deter some people from buying your game.

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