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Advice on royalty sharing

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solomonsthoughts wrote:
Mike called me to tell me it was the best family game they have seen in 9 years of searching and that they were probably going to do this one and would let me know in Feb after Toy Fair. The following March they sent us a down payment of $20k with a 30 day option Agreement. Guess what? They didn't pick it up.

I just wanted to highlight this to re-point out that even knowing someone like Mike (Gray, I assume you're referring to -- nice guy!) doesn't mean your game gets published, even if it's awesome. It gives you a bit of an "in," but it's a very tiny one.

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Mike Hirtle

I deal with both Mikes! Both are really great people. And you are correct, simply knowing someone or seeing them often pitching concepts doesn't make the deal. Ultimately, it comes down to the strength of the concept.

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